I love to draw dragons in the 3 sketch books that I have. I spend a lot of time on the computer, looking for inspiring pictures, like dragons, snakes, sharks, birds of prey, ETC.   ^.^   I always draw with Machanicle Pencil. That's what I do best with... I'm not yet good with Markers, Pens, or even COLORED pencils! But that's ok... I'm working on it. If I ever manage to get my pics on the computer, then it will be rare for you to see any pics with Marker, Pens, Colored pencils.... anything you can write with besides the machanicle pencil. I'll expand. I swear! :D But also, OYu will mostly see dragons, as that is what I'm best at. I like Drawing, video games, music, bike riding, skating, bird watching, movies, chatting, making new friends... Favourite movies Lake Placid, Snakes on a Plane, Eragon, The Golden Compase... Favourite books I guese any dragon book out there; Favourite music Country, Adult Alternative

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