Krysta Tiller

Passion lies in writing fantasy. A proud Texan, a Conservative, and above all, a devoted Christian. Lover of rock and dance/trance music (dancing in her room is a favorite pastime. No screamo, mind you; that's a headache waiting to happen). Adores animals but loves a good steak (far from vegetarian). Loves hanging out with her buddies. Lover of the Texas Longhorns; all hail McCoy and Shipley! I like Reading, writing, drawing, spending time with the family, watching movies, kickin' it with buds, laughing 'til I cry, jamming to music, and much, much more. Favourite movies STAR TREK!! (the new one!), Lord of the Rings (of course!), Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Marvel movies (especially Batman and Iron Man), Sinbad (hiiiiilarious)...and no doubt more that I currently cannot recall and therefore shall add later. Favourite books 2 Favourite music Rock (again, no emo-screamo) and dance/trance/techno. Generally ABHORS rap, but there are a few (VERY few) exceptions.

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