Michael King

A am Michael King. My goal in life is to become a published poet.  I have a small following on Facebook, and have been known to inspire many. Read me, and please comment. I want to know. I like Reading (Fantasy stories and poems) Writing (the same as above) Playing video games. Favourite movies Favourite fantasy film is possibly Willow, though I have not seen it in years. Favoutrite tv show? Star gate, without a doubt. Favourite books Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien, David Gemmell, Terry Brooks, Stephen King.... And so on. And recently R. A. Salvatore. Favourite music Indie Rock and Classical. Kate Covington, (I love her) Stella Voci, (Led by Kate Covington), Shinedown,


Pens and Structure

An idea i have had for a few years. I was always meaning to get around to it.It is set on the world of Syra, on the continent Loke.

Dizain form (Satire)

I have been writing in a LOT of different forma while I search for the perfect form.It is slow going, but I shall persevere.

a Gra Reformata (Bounds of hell)

This is a form I created myself.It is heavily based around the Villanelle, but I added couplets between each tercet, and then looked it up. It is an original form, created by me, so I have named it the 'a Gra' Reformata. Enjoy...


A typical poem about Sleipner.


Love exists for everyone. No matter who you are, or what you look like, it will eventually find you. Yes, it may hurt, but it just shows, that not even the hardest of hearts will be exempt from the true destiny, of a loving soul.

Scratching the surface of our world

One of my favourites. It came after an extreme lack of emotion over the course of two months. Indiffernce, hey? What a b***h.


A TRUE undertaking, metaphorically explaining sometrhing that happened to me a few months back.

Happy are the myths

A telling of the lvoe only a mythical being can feel.


About a confused unicorn.

Tears of Blood

Just a random one I came up with over a few minutes.

What makes a tale?

A short poem on what a fantasy story consists of.


About a griffon suffering the indignity of death.

Little Lost Fairies

About a group of fairies who are lost, and beasts who are on the prowl.

Dwarven lament

A dwarf crying out against the unfairness of life, and the fact that it ends.

Sorrow of a dead lord

About a lost life and a lord of death.

Elvish Loyalty

About love and what it drives men and even elves to do against a foe greater than them.