Mike Marsden

Welcome to my page,Stuff that is happening in my life right nowI am working on having a playable demo by March of a game I have been Directing and creating art on for the last year and a half. I am ecstatic about this because of many reasons. Number one being that all these monsters I have been designing will finally have a home. For now I will only upload a couple of pieces. My story writer is constantly adding more monsters to the storyline so that means more monsters to paint:) also just started organizing the buildings for the first city. I might go into more details here if there is enough interest but for now that is all I am going to sayOoh also co-writing a book with some good friends right now. It will be macabre and creative. I am also going to be creating the cover art and illustrating each chapter so it will be amazing :)  If you've been here before you will note that I have changed a lot of things around. Mostly cause most of the art up here is out of date. I'm not going to say much more cause words seem trivial where I am trying to display art.These are the art blogs I update on a daily basis. And I mean daily I try to create a painting a day so these sites will have art that I haven't uploaded yet.Visit them if you Likehttp://mikejmarsden.blogspot.com/http://gothicillustration.blogspot.com/http://simpleillustration.blogspot.com/Please critiques and comments, I find them helpful and would greatly apreicate them. And I will respond to them.And on a last note Yes I do take commissions, so if you have a request drop me a line.Mijoe  I like bowling painting swimming dancing drawing debating illustrating martial arts Favourite books Dealing With Dragons, Ghost War, Choice of The Cat, The Nine Lives of Christopher Chant, Bartimaues Trilogy, Favourite music Thousand Foot Krutch, Rob Zombie. Classical,