Rachel LeBeane

Write something about myself. Hmmm.... Thats actually hard for me, the chatter box of the family, to do. So what does anyone want to know? I love to write. I write mostly  high fantasy, meaning no modern world settings in my stories. My friends are the ones who bullied me into letting others read my stories. So if you don't like it, blame them. Nah, just kidding. Thanks for forcing me to do this, Girls!I think of myself as a fun person to be around, but I know thats not always true. But, I'm only human, so I don't let that bother me! I enjoy my school, except for the homework I get everyday, and I like to sit around the house and read. Or type. OR browse Elfwood and favorite things. If you've checked out my favorites list, you know what I mean!Get on to the reading and criticing! Have fun browsing through my stuff, be respectful of my horrid spelling and enjoy. I love comments, so please leave them! And congradulations if you've managed to read this far without becoming completely and utterly bored out of your mind. I promise you, I'm not a boring person. HAVE FUN READING!And just in case anyone was wondering, the horses name is Rosie, and thats me in the red. My friend is standing next to me in the blue. Aren't we cute, us three girls? UPDATE: Sorry for not posting anymore updates here, but I've recently started using DeviantART, so if you actually like reading my things, my new stuff is up there. Unfortunetly, the works I have here on Elfwood are not continuied or completed on DeviantART. Sorry. I'm in college and hardly have enough time to breathe! ARGH! But, if you'd like, you can head on over to DA and read my newer works if you so desire. The choice is up to you, but happy reading and have a perfectly wonferful day! I like I'm interested in many things. My main ones are music and reading, though. If anyone finds a book they really like, please tell me so I can read it if I haven't already! Same goes for music. Favourite movies This isn't hard at all. Lord of the Rings Trilogy!!! Thats my favorite movie, anyway. But TV show? Hmm... Well, its a tie between Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters!! Yeah for dirt and nerdiness! Favourite books Again, not hard. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. And just about every other written material under the sun. If you find a good book, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it, since I'm always on the look-out for new books to devour! Favourite music HARD! I have over 600 songs on my i-pod and ya all want me to pick a few? I'll just cheat. Anything that isn't rap. Easy! (Just a little update, but I now have over 800 songs, so the choice is even more difficult for me to make!!!)

Elfling Part Five

First of all, I want to apologize for taking so long to get this thing uploaded. I've just been VERRA busy. Okay, so this is part five of Elfling, and we finally get Kalen to admit his feelings for Rydia...but the happy moment is overshadowed by a much bigger danger. Someone might be dying...

Elfling Part Three

Part Three of Elfling, since I know ya all are dying to read what happens next. Four is on its way!!

Elfling part one

Rydia is the last hope. Kalen, a demon, rescured her from the destruction of her home. Now, many years later, Kalen's brothers have come back to finish what they started. Its up to Rydia and her friends to stop them.

Elfling Part Two

This is the next part of my Elfing story. hope you all enjoy!!!

Deathbringer Part One

All Reece ever wanted from her life was to be a successful business woman, and maybe figure out the mystery of her past. When people start to come after her because of a mother she never knew, Reece is more determined than ever to survive and find the truth. But when it comes...cane she cope? I wrote this as a Christmas present for my mother, and it is because she asked me to that I am putting it up. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did.

Elfling part four

The much awaited part four of my Elfling story. I'm sorry they're out of order. Enjoy!