Mike Burley

Welcome to Mikes page of SkribblesAll visitors are welcome. Come on in, take your shoes off, help yourself from the fridge and make yourself at home.You want to know something about me?? Where do I start? I was born at a very early age to my parents. I have NOT been drawing all my life, although I do remember doing one painting, of a lamb (for Easter), when I was about ten years of age, which I was quite proud of, the rest of the time I skribbled like every other kid. In the early seventies I did some cartoon paintings to amuse myself while unemployed and then in the eighties tried my hand at spray/airbrushing custom paint on automobiles. In 1995 I drew the mermaids you see in this gallery for a project involving my '75 Stingray. I did not pick up the pencil again until August 2001, when I was asked if I could draw a fairy. The result was 'Noelani the Fae' that you see below. At about the same time I discovered Elfwood and I started my gallery with Noelani and the '95 mermaid drawings...........I am regularly asked a number of serious questions, both in my comments and by e-mail. Some 'serious' answers to these questions can be found at my FAQ page..... Please check it out. Don't let this stop you from mailing me though, all will be replied to (eventually LOL).LINK TO FAQI was also going to have a link list here to Elfwood denizens that I admire or owe thanks to for one reason or another. As I was re-writing this bio, I realised that the list was just too big for this page. I beg you to see my Credits and artist links page.CREDITS & ARTIST LINKS PAGEWarning, Some Images Contain Nudity - If this offends you, please do not click on thumbnailsPlease note that my gallery contains artistic nudity. If this bothers you, is offensive to you or you are not permitted to view such images, please go to another gallery and enjoy :^)Please note that anonymous derogatory comments, especially comments that do not apertain to my images will be deleted without reply, usually within hours of them appearing ~ If you want to DISCUSS my drawings and have a point to make then please identify yourself :^) You have a right to your opinion which I WILL respect, but you must also respect my right of reply ~ I DO NOT respect those that hide behind anonymity.Thanx for calling byMike :^)TUTORIAL THINGYI am often asked for advice regarding my pencil work and so after MUCH toil, I have prepared a sort of tutorial thingy. If you wanna know how I make my skribbles then click the link below ;^) (added 8 Nov 2004)A SORT OF PORTRAIT SKRIBBLE TUTORIAL THINGY 2005 New Year Resolution Number 423 ~ As of 01/01/2005 I will endeavour to reply to ALL my Elfwood comments :^)2005 New Year Resolution Number 387 ~ I will update my artist link list.......... DONE!! 2005 November 21st ~ One of my Splosh'n'Skribble experiments gets a Mod's Choice!! The pic gets 6500 hits in 24 hours!! And I suddenly have a LOT of comment answering to do LOL 2005 November ~ My new improved website with skribbles NOT seen on Elfwood is now open to the public after major re-decoration ~ Please click either of the links above-right or Mikes SilentDeath Website