Michael May

This is strange. This marks my first anything-update on this page for about 5-7 years. I'm serious.Update: I have accepted a job offer to be a concept artist on an as-yet unrealeased title, but I will say it's fantasy-based. This means I will officially be working my dream job. Wowzah- what a trip! This job starts Nov 12, 2007.Since my last update, I have worked at several game companies (this new one will be my 7th!), but none have been as a concept artist. I have animated, modeled, textured, and done a little concept, but not enough that it was actually my job. I have also attempted freelance with semi-successful results. Successful in that I've done illustrations for many RPG companies including WotC. Not successful in that I wasn't able to keep the work coming in often enough to keep my budget above water. Thank you all so much for your awesome comments. I read them all, and I hope to do so more often. Favourite movies Dune (movie). Favourite books Dune (all of em) Favourite music Mike Doughty, Mike Patton, William Orbit, Trance, Bjork