~A Cruel Mentor~, The Drahtcha, 'Mourqa Upton'

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Michael Ness

Basically, as the title says.... a very cruel mentor...but, a very fine mentor to have! This will be a scene excerpt from my new story, "The Brotherhood of Dannel", where the main character, Miqil Dannel, a young man with Elvish blood in his lineage somewhere waaay back in history finally meets his mentor, after seeking long for something he couldn't define. He was compelled to journey afar after his brother disowned him, and having long been the black sheep of his family, Miqil went on a quest for enlightenment. One day in teh most remote northern forests he stumbled into a sunlit clearing, a small forest glen dominated by a great lumpy boulder, a small stream of clear water, and a ramshackle lean-to style of dwelling. The Drahtcha, named Mourqa Upton, was perched crosslegged upon the boulder, meditating in the rays of sunlight that filtered down through the canopy. At first, Miqil did not see him, but noticing the dwelling, he caught sight of whatever sort of creature the home belonged to. The place smelled of age and death and a bad feeling crept up his spine. Miqil tried to backtrack, but the creature on the boulder called down to him with a powerful voice in a calm low tone. Dragged into a conversation, Miqil could not rudely flee for fear of upsetting the monster, who was (for all his genial tongue) sinister and dreadful. Slowly, amidst their debate, Miqil realized, too late, that he was in grave danger. He tried to flee, was caught and entered a fight for his life. The Drahtcha ended up pinning him to the ground, magick exploding to life all around in rays of brilliant light. Miqil should have died then, but he exclaimed for patience on the creature, who clearly meant to eat him. He pleaded the monster to hear him as a student. He convinced the beast to take him as apprentice and show him the ancient knowledge that Mourqa Upton possessed, for everyone had heard the myths of the Drahtcha...and until this moment, they had been only myths to him. Now that he knew Mourqa Upton for a reality, Miqil claimed to have come, seeking apprenticeship. And so, he gained it for his bravery. Mourqa Upton would take him and teach him everything his small brain could manage to comprehend. The Drahtcha, as you can see, are a rather strange creature, seemingly a hybrid of various different animals, birds, felines, some sort of horned herbivore and more... They are omnivores, and are more ancient than dragons on their world. They are slowly dying off with their age having long passed into history. Some still exist though, like Mourqa Upton, just lingering remnants of the past. They are extremely isolated, living in extremely remote forestry mostly, and despite their bestial/demonic appearances, they are more neutral than evil, but if it came down to it, they could maybe be classified as generally good. Although, anything smaller or weaker than them is pretty much considered prey, and that list pretty much includes everything. Even Dragons fear them. The villains of the world of "The Brotherhood of Dannel", creatures subverted and lead by a monster called the Harq' also fear them, but don't consider them a major threat to the vastness of their conquering empire. The Harq' himself is probably the only one who doesn't fear a Drahtcha, and yet, he is very wary of them, and will not lower himself to underestimating them. The Drahtcha is and extremely intelligent race, gifted in powerful magick knowledge and naturally ingrained with astounding powers, as well as more martially gifted in the physical combat arts than any other race. The little magick runes in the ring of light...are just little magick runes. They have no real meaning,...yet, but maybe (due to my penchant for creating pseudo languages in my stories) will one day become a language ...? who knows.

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