Leevi Mikuan

Hi there!It might seem that I update my profile like 2 times a year and yet still I haven't put any pics up here - but I'll try my best to change that shortly (in fear of losing my head... Someone just might rip it off if I won't :'D). Okay... Maybe I really should tell something about myself and not even start to babble about some stupid excuses for my own laziness.--Now I've finally uploaded some pics yay!--Once I learned to handle a pencil I started to draw. It’s always been my dearest hobby and I believe it will be like that till the end. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m a total perfectionist when it comes to my art. That means I’m not satisfied of my works - most the time - and just hardly any of them get finished. It sucks a big time and it's a very serious problem for me. It's too hard to get rid of it and some times it makes me depressed - yet still it's the thing that keeps me going on: I want to be better.Someone might say I'm total fantasy (or/and Japan) freak. I do like dragons, vampires and such of things. I like to draw them a lot - and dragon themed clay statues are my specialty. :'D In nowadays I'm pretty much inspirated by japanese lolita fashion (like it's not enough that I've been kind of "Japan fan" for ages...) and BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls). Music is also one of my sources of inspiration.And now I don't know what to tell any more... I just hope you understanded what this shortie tried to say. (I'm not too good when it comes to writing in English, sorry. :Greetings, Anni I like Drawing, writing, ceramics, (knitting), music, Japan, anime, manga, PlayStation2&3, computers, RPG, fantasy & dragon related things, (riding)... there's just way too many to write down all of them. Favourite movies Many but if I really have to choose I think I would pick LOTR and Star Wars. The best anime ever is Gintama. Favourite books Many~ Favourite music Just to mention "couple" of my favourites at the time: Buck-Tick, Atsushi Sakurai, D'espairsRay, Girugamesh, Wakeshima Kanon, Yousei Teikoku, Nightmare, Nightwish, Eppu Normaali, DEPAPEPE, Miyavi, MUCC, Maximum the Hormone, GOTHIKA, Jake Quilty-Dunn, Daft Punk, 12012, Gackt, Dir en Grey, xTRiPx and there's still many many many more.