Milena vamps'Kirk

ohiyo! my name is Milena Kirk i was born on the 12th of november in 1988 my aliases on line are : katinkathecat,_sirith_,_sirithaniel_,vam pira or faerieglade but most ppl call me vamps drawing is my poetry since im no good @ writing poetry i express my emotions through drawing them my main love is for still an amateur and i still make alot of stupid mistakes but i hope that these mix ups will vanish over time and practice iv started art school on september the first 2004 for the first time ,most of the artwork youll find on my elfwood gallery or on here i will have made before iv been 2 any kind of art school i generally dont use models alot but if i do i will mention it i want 2 be an illustrator who owns her own bookshop or librairy when i grow up and maaybe just maaaybe an fill in art teacher ...anything will be good really as long as i can pay my rent and buy food..i never date any of my drawings and im not a regular person so you will probably find relly old pictures in with brandnew pictures..if you wunt 2 know about them just ask me ...though i cant give you a specific date i might be able 2 give you an estimate ..i will try not 2 post my worst pictures .. also im a work in progress so most of my newer work will look better then my older work anyway enough with my rant please have fun browsing through my pictures i hope you like what you see and if you dont please tell me what you dont like!!have fun! I like books, films,music,games Favourite movies Labyrinth,A midsummer nights dream,the magical legend of the leprechauns,alice in wonderland (1985) Favourite books The edge chronicles Favourite music Weeen mostly and Lemon Demon