I've only started drawing again recently, because I saw the amazing pictures, and thought, i might as well. I'v recently been drawing Manga / anime once again, printing off pics from google, and drawing them from the pics. Most are in black and white, because i am still practising shading, untill i get back into colour. I stopped drawing last year roughly (2007) since i had a mis-understanding with my mother, and ever single one of my drawings was ripped up. So i refused to draw untill recently, as i have already said. Im 16, female, and live in scotland.I love reading, writing (esp. poems) and I'm studying beauty therapies at moray college. (unfortunatly...)Ps. add me onto profiles on private atm, but add me anyway if you like my work, as i update that faster then this site... xxx I like Reading, writing, drawing, and hanging with my mates - love them all to bits ! Favourite movies ...oooh. I love bleach atm. and i love any pics with colours - outstanding colours. Favourite books Bleach, labryinth, and anything as long as i can stay amused - lots of pretty colours cute characters helps ! Favourite music i have the widest range of music tastes ever - so im not even going to name any bands other then funeral for a friend - as they're my fav !

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