I'm much more of an artist than a writer, but here are a few short stories I've done. I have a personal page that I update rather more regularly than this update once in a while. I welcome comments in either location, and I truly appreciate constructive criticism. Updates: 17 February 2003: First five Torn World stories uploaded: Mushrooms, Homecoming, Dancing in the Rain, Graves and Commonplace. 19 February 2003: Jenny/Bjorn story: Elemental uploaded. Revised version of Mushrooms uploaded with illustration.


This was written following a particularly nasty flamewar over at the livejournal community 'Elfwoodrants.' I don't even recall what the topic of the disagreement was, but it spawned a rare fit of poetry. Pure silliness, really.


A 40 minute writing exercise that is the prolouge to the Jenny-Bjorn stories.


One of many Jenny/Bjorn stories to come.

The Naked Woods

A Jenny-Bjorn short story. This was written from a prompt at Krysia's Web, which was a photograph of leafless trees.