Miriam Tschanen

I have been absent from Elfwood for some time now, since I came across DeviantArt and liked it a lot. Now I noticed that this site has changed a lot since I last visited, and is still much more focused on Fantasy/SciFi than DA. So I'll be uploading some new stuff here from time to time, but I cannot guarantee much activity. At the moment I'm a student at the "Kantonsschule" in Aarau (Yes, I live in Switzerland and do not speak English all that well). I always liked drawing, since I was just about old enough to hold a pencil (though my talents have slightly increased 'til now :D ) When I was younger, I used to love fairytales, then I startet to love everything that's got anything to do with Fantasy. I'm thinking about studying arts, though I'm afraid of not getting a job when I've finished... I dream of doing Concept Art, but I think I'm not good enough. Next to drawing, I also like to read (Fantasy and a little SiFi, what a surprise), and I spend much of my time with computer games (The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind, Baldur's Gate, ...). Sometimes I daddle a bit in making jewellery made of glass-pearls and silver wire and I play the guitarre (though not as well as I would like). As for sports... I don't like them too much, but I do some bycicle tours and go inline skating to keep fit. Oh, and I almoust forgot: I like animals and I've got two cats (really love 'em).I've been experimenting with polymere clay and have done a lot of sculpting over the last year or so. It's really a brilliant media, and I enjoy doing it a lot. :) Favourite books Valdemar Series by Mercedes Lackey