NIHAO PEOPLE! Just to update, I've been drawing alot, and my style has been going through a tad bit of a change. I'm a sophomore this year in Highschool, and theres been alot of great artists that have been inspiring me. Anyhow, my name ish Mae. I know that I've been really unfriendly lately, not being able to post in other peoples things, but I believe that everyone in Elfwood is great. ^_^ Theres so many nice people here... Anyhow? You want to know me? Hehehe...I'm Sweet 16 (Never Been Killed, or Kissed for that matter ~_~; ) and I enjoy singing, drawing, and being horribly cute and obnoxious. While I get to sing more often, because I'm a choir girl at Battle Creek Central Highschool (HOME OF THE BEARCATS! YAY!). I do love drawing. Especially in the manga style. YESS, I can draw other types, but manga is just too fun. Speaking of manga, my favorites include Ayashi no Ceres and Marmalade Boy. ^___^ Yu Watase is one of my biggest inspirations when drawing. WOW! I'd love to meet her! One of these days, I hope to be a manga-artst. (Since I have some Japanese blood in me...it would SORTA be manga) ^^ I'm half-Filipino, and half-American, when it comes right down to it, but to be honest, I'm a mutt. o_o; It's funny as hell too, because within my American blood, I've got almost every European nationality within me. o_o;; *selfish laugh* HEHHEEE!!! ANYHOW! I hope you enjoy this pitiful picture gallery. Just for you're information, I think I'm going to be starting a web-comic pretty soon. I've always wanted to do one, and now that I've got a writer, all I need is someone SUPER cool who can use PhotoShop. He or she will get the credit they deserve. (Which is alot. x.x) And is weh ever get to go to a con, I'll get to brag about my super cool Photoshop painter! PLEASE e-mail me if you're interested! Oh, and by the way, I am interested in Role Playing Games, especially when it comes to Yahoo! Chat. If you ever need a RP partner, I'm usually available. ^___^ My God Bless Yer Artist Heart, Minnie P.S.: PSST! Check out a few of my favorite artists... http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/a/a/aaronuk/ For excellent 3Dish art!