Chungleng Chong

I'm a Canadian Chinese girl residing in Ontario. I love anime artwork. I started to do serious drawing at the age of 13, with my twin sister as my teacher. I usually do CG artworks and I'm horrid at traditional medium. The tools that I normally use are my trusty Graphic tablet, Adobe Photoshop, pencil and mouse. FAQ for my elfwood gallery How do you do your artwork? Please read my online tutorial on my art website. Your artworks are so Clampish!!! You must be a big fan of clamp! Yes, they may be clampish if you say so. I did have inspiration from their art style, but there's more to anime than Clamp. I have influences from other artists as well. And no, I am not a big fan of clamp. I haven't even read Card Captor Sakura. Can you do a request pic for me? No, sorry. I am taking commissions though. Visit my webpage Eternal Spring for more information about commissions. Please inform me when you update your gallery!/Please upload more! I'm afraid I can't. +sweatdrop+ It's kinda troublesome... sorry to say. Besides, I won't be updating my elfwood gallery much, because not all my pics are fantasy pictures, and I have a personal art website Eternal Spring, and my Deviant Art Gallery Can we be friends? I don't really have time to chat online or do email correspondence... Lovely links (must visit): Eternal Spring: My Personal Art Website. Free My Soul: My Online Manga. Please read~~!! Finding My Path: My personal collective site Amanda Penrose's Elfwood Gallery: Amanda is such a nice person! And her CGs are really awesome and sweet!!! Kathy's Elfwood Gallery: Kathy does really awesome anime art on open canvas!!! And thanks for commenting on my page. Very much appreciated!!!