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I have a tendency to reuse the same old character nicknames over and over again, and in time, they assume a persona all of their own.Meet Alquamire.She first took shape in a DSA (the black eye - a german roleplaying ruleset) campaign many years ago when my previous character was slowly mutating to being an NPC due to unforeseen ingame happenings. Oh well. I needed a new character, and because I just felt like it I went straight for the clichéed elf type. Blond, noble, magically gifted, scantily clad (my designs have changed over the years...) and generally overrated. And the embodiment of virtue, too, of course.When it came to picking a name I went straight to my shelf, took out the Silmarillion and opened the appendix. An evening later I had decided on her being "Nimwen Alquamire" (white maiden swanjewel... *cough*). Her role in the remainder of the campaign was a minor one, but the name stuck with me. Out of all my nicknames, Alquamire is the most unique - as a matter of fact, I do believe all but two references found online concerning her name do indeed point to me.And then came Ragnarok Online. The perfect opportunity for Alquamire to get a revival! She was a sort of paladin type in the original roleplaying draft, but the early beta of Ragnarok did not allow for all too many classes, so I settled with swordswoman. And because I could never quite decide what I wanted her to be and tried several times to get close to the original draft again her class kept alternating between knight and crusader, until I quit.I've revived her for a short time on Realms of Chaos, I think I kept her as a paladin there, too. But that sure has been a while, and my memory is hazy.When I started playing WoW at first I had no intention of calling her out of the grave once more, even though I was still using the nickname in several places. But then BC hit and bloodelves were suddenly avaiable - and I found myself in possession of a small, cute and terribly weak elf paladin lady.I managed to re-create her twice because once again, I could not decide what I wanted to be. Poor Alqua, ever my lab rat.A good three years later I ended up with her being an almost perfectly garbed healer high in demand as well as a rookie tank. Not too bad.Can't wait to see what the future has in stock for me!She is the fragment of my personality that is always noble, protecting, and strong.In terms of design, the only thing that stayed more or less the same was that weird earring. Her eyecolor as well as skincolor changed with each and every new incarnation, that sword acquired angel wings somewhere along the way and got ever longer (oh it's a twohander now, maybe I should adjust the grip as well as the scabbard? ;3 ), the flimsy breastplate is a remnant of Ragnarok times, the shoulderguard a hommage to WoW paladin gear *cough* alliance! *cough*Oh well. That spell is a pentagramma, or at least what little I remember. Though why she's banishing demons in the middle of my computer screen she hasn't told me yet.For completion's sake: Opencanvas 1.1 drawn from scratch, two layers; Wacom Bamboo Pen; Flatron L1953S 1280x960; Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS; some fun tweaking in IrfanView, because I felt like it.

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