{-- Lookie tis me and Pierrot, my writing muse ^_^ Ahoi hoi, I am Bek, and I like to write and draw. Uni be preventing me from doing so too much lately though v_v; Ah well, byeness! ~MISCHA~~

Poem - Dance by the light of the moon

A poem about a mortal woman singing to her distrusting lover, calling him to come dance with her under the moon with the elves.

Pipkin's Quest

Pipkin, the elf goes to meet the High Ones.

Poem - The Battle of The Elf-sheep

A poem about the battle of the elf-sheep and their long time foe, the wolves of the west.

Poem - Vampire

A poem about a vampire. Or vampires.

Sea Song

A sad tale of the sea nymph Merian and the mortal Marius.