Michal SchererBerry

I write stuff when the mood strikes me.

Debauched Utopia

For all the people who wish to be perfect. The concept for this had been tumbling around in my head for a little over a year and it had been a while since I'd written a poem....10th.

Pilfered Heart

I was bored, so I doodled a picture of a heart with angle wings and a teardrop. Thus, the idea for this was born.10th

My Perspective

The idea for this just struck me, thus it was created.10th.


If you have a weak stomach or recently ate something, I advise you not read this. The idea of this came to my mind while I was swinging in the dark above snow-covered ground one night.9th


Abbadon is the Greek name for destruction or ruination.9th

Halloween Night

Observing a witch's doings on Halloween Night.9th

Autumn Wind Dancer

The Autumn Wind Dancer's side of the story.See "Scarecrow".9th.


The Scarecrow's side of the story.See "Autumn Wind Dancer".9th.

White Rose

In the original version, the first two paragraphs were white and the rest were and the loves were red. Also, the other italicized words were underlined. Plus, the background was black. Darn these nuisance limitations!8th.

This Is Who I Am

Either this or "The Soldier" was my first poem. I wrote it for an English assignment.7th.


Sholone is the Elf Prince's name.8th.

Here I Am

This was inspired by the Holocaust.8th.