Stephanie Chateau

Hi! I'm Stephanie but most of my friends call me Celeste! (or Captain) I love to draw with pen and pencil, and almost always use Prisma color pencils!  I know... I  have been very callous about updating here.. every time I say I'm going to be more frequent about it... I'm not... so I won't make any promises.. but I hope to get some time to upload more things, clean up, and reorganize this gallery in the future. For the time being I'm making a small update and taking note of the requests made for future fan arts by my viewers. Thank you for your suggestions! I'd also like to leave  a word of advice to viewers who'd like to give out "helpful" critiques.  I don't delete comments, even if they border on flames if there is a critique included, but I WILL make fun of you if you don't take the time out to pay attention to the dates some of these pictures were made, read the picture descriptions, or note that I am first and foremost a professional cartoonist, and have no desire to take your "helpful" suggestions to "try drawing from realism" to get better. Those sort of "critiques" are the idiotic ramblings of pompous presumptuous pions who  learned to "critique" from there disgruntled middle/ high school teachers or are pathetic individuals who have become self professed professionals at art because they have read a few books and think they know everything there is to know about art simply because they have studied the technical aspects of it. True professional's critisism can be easily detected by there ability to pick apart the artwork without picking apart the artist, not making assumptions that the artist doesn't practice other styles of art simply because they do not appear in the gallery,  and tend to leave multiple suggestions for how to alter or adjust in image in future renditions for more of an impact or an "understanding" between the viewer and the artist. These are the only people I will be taking any "advice" from. True artists and art appreciators of this nature are rare and you have my highest respect and appreciation for visiting and any commentary you may leave for me to look over. Thank you.