Welcome traveler ! I love my Alhivar, my elf – spirit of my wood I love beauty, magic and life, when it’s sweet. I want to live in an Ivory Tower, and I want to travel all around the world too. I’m a women who touch in witchcraft and speak with angels. I’m a girl who draws, and who plays video and roleplaying game. I’m also a teacher. Welcome in my part of the wood, near this old grey stone, in France, in Brocéliande. Nice to meet you, new friend ! I have also another gallery that I try to keep different from this one at Deviant Art : missgizmo.deviantart.com If you're lost in this wood, you can visit some of my favorite artists in theyre shinny and beautiful glades : Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Stephanie Lostimolo - Aido Rakaen - Kelly Hamilton - Kenket - Cait Truesdale - Theresa L. Barrow - Nati - Josephine Becker - Sanna - Brett Cushing