liger skin

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Kim Belle

(created in 2004) this is my character again, linwe' though as you have probably noticed whe is wearing a liger skin, a liger is a mix between a tiger and a lion, she met him and saved him from orcs, he inturn rescued her at some point in the story, they are good frinds from then on and she spends lots of times with the pride. but he is old and dying. 'Linwe'' he says his breathing was hard, the she-elf crept forwards to sit next to him and listen to what he had to say, the lioness' and the other tigers that were part of the pride slink away with heads down for they wanted to give the two some privacey but they knew he was dying. 'After i die i want you to take my fur and wear it into battle.' she begins crying, he lifts one of his mighty paws and wipes away her tears, his breathing was getting heavier 'Please do this, for me, so i know you will be protected.' Linwe' nods, her eye sight blurred by tears. he leans towards her because his deep voice was getting quieter. 'I have left instruction, one of the lioness' is set to have liger cubs, one of them is yours, they will take my place as your friend.' he leans further, licks her cheak and he goes limp, life leaving his body. Linwe starts crying even harder as she burries her face in his soft mane. 'I will do as you asked.' she whispers so now she wears his skin into battle, his fur has protected her from many swords and arrows so she made it through battles with his help even after he had passed. anyways hope you like it. ~God Bless~ ~MissPossible~

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