Mia Bengtsson

I spend most of my time on deviantART, but have not forgotten the old glory days of elfwood, which is why I bother to now and then upload an image or two. ***Gallerys where you can find my work;www.epilogue.net www.elfwood.com www.sheezyart.com www.deviantart.comIf you find 'me' in another art community, it's NOT me. The listed gallerys are the ONLY ones I'm a member of.  *** ART USE POLICY YES, you can repost my work in collection gallerys! Conditions; Full credit is given! If you do not give me credit, you're not allowed to post my art!© Mia Bengtsson "Losmios" www.losmios.deviantart.comNO, you cannot use my art for graphics, avatars and respresenations of your characters! NOTHING besides showcasing it in pure gallerys. When posting my work, you should HOST them on your OWN server. DO NOT crop or in any other way alter the images, lowering quality and distorting the proportions. DO NOT claim my work as your own! That is THEFT and is CRIMINAL DO NOT SELL my images, NO ONE save for myself has the right to sell my images, if you find my art beeing sold somewhere, it is beeing done so ILLEGALLY and I would appreciate if you let me know! Prints are beeing sold solely trough my Deviant Art Store, or me personally. If you have made a painting f one of my characters, it is allright that you sell prints of it, but for my peace of mind, please TELL me! Let me know if you are going to include my art in a gallery! *** FAQ Art Trades - Only do trades with my friends. Requests - NO Commisions - In relation to the time I have at my disposal, Yes. Pricelist at Devian Art. MSN - Yes, but only to friends. Tutorials - Check out my Deviant Art pages for some Crit your art  - Send me an e-mail with the image or a link to the image and I'll see if I have the time. Drawing - I use Photoshop CS as my main software, and draw with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. Teach me - Check out my tutorials, I don't do private lessons. I have another question - E-mail me. :) ***