Rose Violet

  :: In 2000 I started with 3D graphic art for virtual figures in virtual scenes :: I live with my family in Germany. Fantasy books and art, the gothic romantic style and various songs & melodies are the main sources of my inspiration. I love LOTR, the pictures by Luis Royo, Alternative & Gothic Rock and much more.  Don´t forget happiness is always near you! I like fantasy books, fantasy art, fine arts, elves & dark fairy tales, magic witches, vampires, gothic & dark romantic, mythologica, 3d graphics, music Favourite movies ´Lord of the Rings`trilogy, 'Pans Labyrinth`, Bram Stoker's ´Dracula`, Mary Shelley's ´Frankenstein`, ´Elizabeth - The Golden Age` Favourite books J.R.R.Tolkien, The vampire Chronicles, The Merlin Trilogy Favourite music Alternative & Gothic Rock