Welcome to my gallery ^__^ have a look around and enjoy the many eye-candy I have for you here!!! YOSH!! ~*~Updates~*~ (08/26/04) Well, I finally got around to uploading some new art @__@ I think about 5 pictures ^_^ but if you've been to my Deviant Art gallery, or even my main personal gallery, Crimson Sonata, then you've probably already seen these ^_^;; But well, enjoy none the less!!. ~*~My Links~*~ Crimson Sonata. My hompage and art gallery! Here you can find out more about moi, buy prints, get some commission work, and see other peices that I don't have listed in this gallery. Fan Quarter. This is my elfwood gallery where you can find all my Fan Arts ^__^ Deviant Art. This is another gallery I have over at Deviantart.com ~*~Friends~*~ Ania's Gallery. This is my BESTEST buds Elfwood gallery!! Please, go check out her work!! ITS SOOO GREAT!!! She has quite the talent for colored pencils! ^_~ David's Gallery. David is a great friend, and also a great artist ^_^ Check out his anime works at his gallery!!! *dances* P|-|33r h15 l337 $k1llz!!! Sorry, I dont take requests, but if you would like to commission me just check out my website above and you can find more information such as price rates and the like! :3