Misty Coats

Welcome to my gallery ^__^ have a look around and enjoy the many eye-candy I have for you here!!! YOSH!! ~*~Updates~*~ (09/07/04) Well, I finally got around to uploading some new art @__@ I think about 4 pictures ^_^ but if you've been to my Deviant Art gallery, or even my main personal gallery, Crimson Sonata, then you've probably already seen these ^_^;; But well, enjoy none the less!!. I have also uploaded new images in my LOTHLORIEN gallery, so go take a look their as well!. ~*~My Links~*~ Lothlorien. This is my elfwood gallery where you can find all my irignal fantasy artworks ^__^ Deviant Art. This is another gallery I have over at Deviantart.com ~*~Friends~*~ Ania's Gallery. This is my BESTEST buds Elfwood gallery!! Please, go check out her work!! ITS SOOO GREAT!!! She has quite the talent for colored pencils! ^_~ David's Gallery. David is a great friend, and also a great artist ^_^ Check out his anime works at his gallery!!! *dances* P|-|33r h15 l337 $k1llz!!! Sorry, I dont take requests, but if you would like to commission me please go to my website, crimsonsonata.com, and check out my commissions page. There you will find all you need to know, but if you have any more questions then feel free to email me! ^_^d