Michael Roach' Janßen

I am somewhat an international person - born German, living in the NL, writing in Dutch for work (computer magazine), and in English for fun. Weird, huh? I got into writing through Role-playing games, especially as I cannot draw a straight line to save my life. I prefer writing either crime stories (which you won't find here nor on my homepage), or Fantasy, also I really enjoy filking. OK, as to the comments here and under the stories: I do appreciate constructive criticism - this does include pointers how I can improve. I know that I am by no means perfect. Hoewever, simple comments like 'You $|_||


Over 1000 years

A poem. What happens to an undead creature that is lying deep underground, where hardly anyone ever comes?

Bungee-Jumping in the Abyss

This is a filk - a song sung to a famous tune. You'll probably know the tune... We went, as the title says, bugee jumping in an abyss, in a Fantasy campaign. This is what resulted from it...

A Fragment

This is a short fragment which I intend to put into a bigger story one day. Problem is, I don't yet know what the story might be about...

Lights In The Darkness

My story submission for the 'Lights In The Darkness' contest at Livejournal. I had been running around with the basic idea for a while, not getting anywhere, until I decided to look at the presumption from a different angle. And suddenly, I had no more words of my own...


The fourth story in the continuing saga around Millefleurs. A coach trip turns into a nightmare...

The Real Reason EW Goes Down

When Elfwood went down again, I had an image of how this happened, and just had to write it down *g*. BTW, the first illustration was made by V.E.Lehkonen (the picture links to the original, which is much larger), the second one was made by the God of Elfwood, Thomas Abrahamsson, himself, who gave permission to use it.

A Training Session

When a trainee from the Imperial Investigation Service gets a training assignment, usually it is a boring and non-consequential task. But if the teacher is Millefleurs, complications just wait to happen...

Giant Insects In The Sky

Another filk - the text should say it all...

The Storyteller

This is a poem I wrote at a recent meeting of Dutch Elfwooders. Sad and sweet. And now new and improved: tyops fixed...

The Horse-Man

Another story from a Dutchelfood-meet, inspired by a human-horse-crossbreed (anthroform). The artist is Mark Stijnman from Lothlorien. The picture is used with his kind permission. OK, It is essentially a longish joke, I'll admit :-)


A different view of the old 'Dragon and the Girl' storyline. Aug 26: replaced the layout, now paragraphs are spearated visibly. Nov 8th: fixed the typo (more of a Freudian slip of the tongue, really)


Not everything is as it seems when a rich merchant is attacked and hires a bodyguard.

Limericks And Haiku

I am a fan of the short art forms of limerick and Haiku. Occasionally I write some myself. October 30th, 2001: updated, starting with 'Horse on the Meadow' and following...


The first Story about Millefleurs - how to succeed at your finals without really trying.