Marianne Jurvanen

Information about me, yay! So, I am 19 years old Finnish girl. I like drawing and reading those brick-sized fantasybooks (sometimes - no - usually ^_^ - instead of other working). I also roleplay (but not so often as I would like to), and watch that two little cats won't destroy all the house. (Yes, I have two cats and they are lovely ^^ Now they're running and chasing each other, btw.) Because I have no idea what else I could write, I'll stop this. I only ask you to forgive me all my spelling mistakes (there must be a lot of them) because I can't write english correctly (bad me - I shouldn't draw at englishlessons). And I almost forgot - LEAVE COMMENTS and save my day :) 14.11.2003 - Little cleanup: I removed some old pictures and added 4 new. 4.7.2004 - Couple old drawings added finally, particularly nothing *new*. Let's see if I could change my manners and actually draw something again.. Visit also my brother's Elfwood site at Fantasy art by Joonas Jurvanen :)