Michael Csontos

I grew up in upstate New York. Art was my major activity all my life. I have done all forms of imagery but my personal interests are fantasy and surreal fantasy. I have four books to my credit, one is: "The Art of Visualizing Black & White", "The Perceptions of Michael Csontos", "Perceptions II" and "Perceptions III". My personal website is www.michaelcsontos.com where I have over 300 images of fantasy art and surrealism and commercial art assignments. I like Nature and artwork. I occasionally do woodworking as a diversion. Favourite movies The movies "Contact", "Avatar", "John Carter of Mars" Favourite books "Lord of the Rings" Favourite music Alternative instrumentals such as the Budda Lounge CD's. I have four publications available on amazon.com. They cover painting, drawing and visualizing.