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Ever played Shadowrun... The text based RPG?  Well neither have i but I have a copy of the souirce book sitting at home and this pic is inspired by that.  But note, she is not a shadowrun character, she is just inspired by it.  I have created my own personal universe similar to it but with a few changes and I often spend time developeing characters and hopefuly one day i can write them into a story.  One day you will see me in Wyverns quarter.  She calls herself 'Butterfly' and she is part cyborg.  Her world is similar to that of Shadowrun.  It is technologically advanced but magic is a real force as well.  Magic is not like in Harry Potter where it can do random things like conjure up rabbits etc.  Magic is an energy.  It is created by emotion and will in specific people who's nervous systems operate at specific wavelengths.  A user creates or taps into this energy and can manipulate it.  But once they have drawn this energy into themselves it obeys the laws of Physics.  IE it will take 1000 neutons of magical force to lift a 100kg object.  It will take 100 joules of Magical energy to heat 100 ml water by 1 degree celsius.  get the picture.  Cybernetics naturally impede magic use because they alter the wavelength of the neurons as they are implanted.  Butterflies only cybernetics are a) a head computer with jacking equipment to connect to other computers and therefore the matrx that exists in cyberspace and b) titanium reinforced arms and fingers with mercury tanks in her forearms with tubes that run to her fingertips under her skin. With so little cybernetics she still has decent magical skills and power.   She ejects mercury from her fingers and uses her magic to cool the mercury to its freezing point, which may i point out is Damn Cold.  These are the big ass blades at the end of her fingertips in the picture below.  Because of this system she can lengthen and shorten blades as she wishes.  Ie use mercury from her pinky's blade to lengthen her forefinger etc.  If she really wants she can allow the mercury to melt as she strikes at her opponent leaving it behind in their bloodstream and poisoning them later if they escape.  I layed this pic out in H4 pencil and then penned it.  When i started doing it I convinced myself that I would do a mod pick worthy picture.  I hope it is but it is doubtful.  The mods seem to like more colour and contrast and this picture does appear very basic.  The drawing is relatively simple.  There are no fancy shadeing techniques etc.  What it has got in its favour is that the proportions seem perfect in my oppinion and it is well composed. 

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