Michael Lacy

I have been skecthing ince I was very young. I was really into roleplaying games in high-school and still get most of my current inspiration from the games I played in high-school. I love writing sci-fi and fantasy stories as well as drawing both clothing designs and tattoo work.Currently I am working at a restaraunt in my hometown, but I plan on moving to SoCal in a year or so and continuing my education in game design and conceptual design. I like Video games, Xbox, computers, all kinds of music, writing, movies, tattoos. Favourite movies Aliens Trilogy, Pitch Black, Battlestar Galactica (TV Show), History Channel: The Universe, The Island, Gataca, Equilibrium, The Fountain. Favourite books Dragonlance, Stephen King's Dark Tower, Tolkien, Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth. Favourite music Everything!