Michelle Miller

Me? I'm just a normal semi-rebellious teenager. I'm just trying to pass highschool with a decent grade and minimum stress. I'm failing at that last bit, but that's ok 'cause I'll be out of school soon! Woot! .. And on to college. I go to a community college already, I dunno where I wanna go after I get my 2 year though.. mehbe no where. So on with it.I tend to be a bit morbid in my art 'cause I'm usually most inspired when I'm depressed and have too much energy to sit still and draw when I'm not depressed. I don't think I have any one theme.. I just drift from mood to mood and theme to theme.. etc. That's pretty much how I live my life. Some day I'm going to live in a MK III and eat doughnuts for breakfast.. then my life will be complete. Yes. I do believe that's it.