Moe Folsom

Holy Schnykies!!!  It's been forever since I've updated!  I've been on a creative vacation it seems at of late--absolutely no inspiration. . ."sigh"  I'm trying to spark some creative juices by fixing up and improving some older pics, so keep an eye out. Hmmmm...Inspirations: Movies, Music, Vampires, my own writing, and the Final Fantasy and Legacy of Kain Series of video games. If you like Final Fantasy, or more importantly, you like Sephiroth (the best villain of all time!!!) then check out my site: Final Fantasy VII: Ressurection. Anywho, enjoy my twisted little imagination. ^_- Favourite movies Legend, Labyrinth, 300, Equilibrium, Army of Darkness, any monster movies. Favourite music Rammstein, Muse, Korn, Alice in Chains, White Zombie, etc.