I am a human, I think, who live in Norway. Check it out, and give me comments on how to become better. I wrote mostly poems, and fantasy. and some pathetic stories I can't find another name for than horror.


Actually, this is the start of a story I am about to write. Just wanted to put out this little preview, though, mainly because it's my first battle-description ever. So, leave a comment, and tell me what you think.

Death's Poem

Just a poem about Death's work.. and his thoughts..

The Children of the Night part one

A story about different things.. I wrote it because I was bored. I kinda like it, though.. this is only part one. part two is to come later

The End

Another one of my 'doomsday' poems..

The Silent Rose

Actually, this is a poem about a friend of mine. She lives in a fantasy world, in a way. a dreamer of nature. Oh, how I envy her sometimes...

The Wolfbrother

this is a poem about a lonely soul, who feels that he doesn't belong.

The lonely soul

this is a poem about a lonely soul who want friends

The Sword of Vengeance

A poem about the dark avenger. ehm.. I really don't know what else to say. hope you like it.

The Creed of the Night

As the title tells, this is the creed of the night. I always loved the night...

The Last Warrior

This is a poem about hope. I think. Sure seems that way. About hope, and about never giving up.

The Last Battle

A poem about the last battle. simple as that.

The Dream

A dream...