Mark Orr Jr

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. My mother and grandmother introduced me to Tolkien and others at an early age. From that point on the to interests just naturally came together. I have an associates degree in visual arts and my bachelors in video game production, but I find that I've learned the most from self-study of other artist both classic and new. Some of my influences include concept artists such as Anthony Jones, Mark Molnar and Feng Zhu. I also study the more traditional works of Frank Frazetta, Ed Beard Jr., George Perez, and many others. I work mostly in photoshop, but I also work from time to time in pencil, and pen and ink.2-07-11: Sorry for the lack of updates, I've finished my degree in game production. Being busy with my family, work, and trying to do my art and music keeps me occupied. I am now working as a concept artist for several indie projects and an illustrator for a new card game that will hopefully be finished soon. I try to squeeze in personal pieces, but just haven't had enough time to post them all. I will try to keep more pieces coming, I promise. Have fun in the woods. Check out my imagekind site for prints of some of my work: I like My Family, Music, Art, Comics, Video Games (Mainly RPGs and FPS), and Movies-Mainly Fantasy, Sci-Fi and action. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Saga, X-men Trilogy, classic cartoons like D&D and most Superhero based cartoons. Favourite books Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realm books (Specially the Icewind Dale Trilogy) Favourite music Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nightwish, and to many more to list.