Looks like it's time to revise this description seeing as it hasn't been updated in three years and I find my old description to be cheesy in some parts and un-cheesy in some parts. Maybe I'm going boring cause I don't like cheesy humour anymore? Scary thought. Wooo hoo. Like anyone cares about what this text says. I could even write something entirely stupid like how I eat children or something. Not that I do. Honest. Now that I've got that out of my system, I think it's time to talk about me. I'm currently 17 years old. Not 14 000 anymore. But I've still played Dungeons & Dragons since I was eleven and consider myself a state-of-the-art geek. Also, I've got goblins. Lotsa goblins. I love goblins. Goblins are my friends. Fear the goblins. Goblins. Also, go see one of my few friends, Alexander.He is one of the few elves that I don't eat, even the goblins are beginning to accept him. Also, you should visit Larisa who is sort of a friend of a friend, she draws better than me. But then, most people do. And then there's BWK a.k.a. Nefandus a.k.a. The Good Guy In The Movie But Really An Evil Person (And Stuff). One more thing: Go read my story in the wyvern's library, or I'm afraid I'll have to disintregrate you or feed you to the dragon or something sinister like that. In case anyone might be interested, I found the photoshop CD. Expect more stuff soon... I guess it's right on time that I start to link to people whose art I really like as well... go ahead, take a look at Kyle A. Irwin who is a comic artist and really rocks for originality (and there's a toaster), and also at Rhea Karvanis who's just plain cool and dreadfully awesome with colors. This is just really too little to write about each of these, but meh. My time is precious, I can't go on writing like this forever and ever cause then you'll never scroll down and look at my stuff.