Sally Kanger

First of all, i apologize for my terrible english! X(I am a 15 year old swedish girl who loves to draw much more than study, witch result in lots of failed tests i school. I really want to learn how to color the images (in a good way). Some pepole can make drawings so beautiful with color!I usually draw in manga-style (oooh, so original!) and i'm really enjoying it. I have so many stories in my head so i wish to become a manga-drawer so i can put my stories down to paper and show them to the world!My big dream is to show my drawings and stories to the world! (and get a good response) But that requires a lot of practise. Duh. Haha, what am i talking about, it's fun to draw! :)Oh, and just so you know: I'm pretty stupid. Really. But i still enjoy life. And that's whats it's all about, right? Enjoy life, people! I may not be the right person to say this, but if you are not having fun, there is no reason for you to live at all! The reason why some of my pic are better than other in my gallery: I am getting better and better at drawing, so some pics start to get old. :)   I like Manga, Fantasy, Food, Music, Drawing Favourite books Well it's NOT Twillight >:P And since they forgot to ask about my favorite games, i'll tell them here: World of warcraft, Heroes of might and magic, Aion, Sid meres Civilization, Black and white 2 and the list goes on..... Favourite music Dunno, changes every day.