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. Well, this is my FanArt account! My Art and Writing accounts have been around a lot longer. Anyway, this account will (for the most part) be used solely for my artwork based on the PlayStation 2 game Monster Hunter. It's a great game where you hunt all kinds of creatures, the most vicious being dragons. You make your own weapons from the fangs and claws of monsters or dragons you've killed, and your armor comes from their scales and hides. It's really fun, but very hard! So, I'm going to work on drawing every single monster I've come in contact with in that game!If you'd like to know all the stuff about me as a person, check out my art account's profile. I don't want to rewrite all that stuff... :) 8/27/09 - 7 Hour Dragon Kills Record! Dragons slain by me in under 7 hours -Rathalos x2Rathian x3Khezu x1Monoblos x1Basarios x1Gypceros x1Cephalos x1Plesioth x1Yian Kut-Ku x4...and then it was 11:00 PM and I needed to go to bed...  NOTE - TRAILERS BELOW ARE RATED PG13.ORIGINAL PS2 MONSTER HUNTER TRAILER - If you'd like to really see what this game is all about, check out this trailer that you view at the beginning of the game. It pretty much sums it up, with some awesome dragon shots as well! The red dragon you see is called the Rathalos. Ahh...I remember my first Rathalos...terrifying but awesome! Here's the YouTube link - MONSTER HUNTER TRAILER FOR WII -Yeah really, I'm so excited! They're making Monster Hunter for the Wii console!  Scheduled for US release before March of 2010. Here's the trailer for it on YouTube - MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE TRAILER -Check this out, it's a really cool trailer for a newer Monster Hunter game, featuring a lot of new dragons! Here is the YouTube link - . I like Heh, Monster Hunter, Assassin's Creed, and a whole bunch of other video games. I like reading and playing piano too, and of course drawing and writing. Oh, and languages. Lots and lots of languages. I adore learning and speaking in different or unique languages (like Zulu). Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and a lot of others but I can't think of them right now. Favourite books MISTBORN BY BRANDON SANDERSON!!! You have to read it. Don't argue. Just read it. Favourite music Any music in any other language besides English. For the most part, I have a lot of Japanese music (as I would like to teach in Japan) but I also have a lot of German and Italian music. Other than that, just a few songs in about...let me count...16 other languages.

Apollyon (4)

 Part 4 of 4. It creeps. It wheels and whirls. It devours, fangless but hungry. The fate you chose for me is n-. And so ends a world where not even words can find their conclusion.

Apollyon (3)

 Part 3 of 4. You hover before me as a reminder of what I have lost, or rather of what I chose to neglect. To each his own. Such is the burden of living forever. 

Apollyon (2)

 Part 2 of 4. This is a world of lies. Or is that only what you want me to believe? No, it can't be. If you lied to me, the truth of this world would long ago have been devoured. You've been scheming. 

Apollyon (1)

 Part 1 of 4. What kind of world is this? Who is he who haunts her steps? Watch the puppet dance on strings of steel.

At the Pendulum's Behest

If you had the chance to create the world, could you leave it behind?   A short story toying with the idea of what "it had been a long year" could really mean. Ambiguous, a tad florid, and somewhat, strange, I'll admit. I had a lot of fun writing it, though. And yes, the format of the "click clack" is intended to force your eyes to bounce from side to side like watching a pendulum or the hammer of a grandfather clock.

Inside My Labyrinth

I finally decided to write something kind of cryptic - you could take this at face value, but there's a hidden understanding placed underneath this story. It's helpful if you know the story of King Minos (NOT Midas, the guy who turned things to gold. Minos is different). I enjoyed writing this, even though it only took a few minutes. I think it's a unique look into an old story. Roles reversed?The unfortunate...thing...left alone with only his own thoughts to keep him company. A single voice that hearkens to him; the only words to ever fill his ears reveal a bewildering truth. Do you know what he is?

Running Red Rewrite p5 and Epilogue

Part 5 Synopsis: All the truths are finally revealed. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Running Red Rewrite p4

Part 4 Synopsis: Condemnation, and the emotions that come with it. What motives are hidden behind the masks that everyone wears?Thanks for reading!

Running Red Rewrite p3

Part 3 Synopsis: An overheard conversation leads to some pesky problems. In the meantime, tensions increase as new evidence is discovered and no one is sure who's doing the investigating and who's doing the hiding. And why does Ona follow Ryaer around, anyway?Me likey C&C. :)For those of you wondering...C&C is "comments and criticism" in my book. :)

Running Red Rewrite p2

Part 2 Synopsis: A unique detective is asked to look into the case regarding the unexplained murders, and everyone is left wondering exactly what kind of investigator they actually got....C&C greatly appreciated!

Running Red Rewrite p1

After two years of sitting on the back burner, Running Red has finally seen the light of day again! I've completely rewritten it into what I hope is a much more engaging and involved story (actually it's technically a novelette, which I didn't intend for it to be).Part 1 Synopsis: A series of unexplained murders has set the people on edge. Two guards stand watch, protecting their beloved lord. But a sudden, mysterious appearance will mean the difference between life and death - in more ways than one. Can you do what's right and still come out wrong?By all means, C&C greatly appreciated! For those of you who have read the old version, please do compare the two and tell me which you like better.


Written for a flash fiction competition - a (totally) facetious story about the hardships of the underground hermit crab gambling ring. Yes, hermit crabs. Actually, MEXICAN hermit crabs (complete with a little Spanish dialogue)! Alfredo's made some big mistakes, and now he's bargained more than he can pay for....

Concealed: Chapter 3

Sorry the formatting's different in this one, Microsoft Word wanted to be a you-know-what and make things difficult.This is, personally, my favorite chapter. I remember having a lot of fun writing about the horses, especially Serga.Thanks for reading! This is the last part of the manuscript I'm putting up (just enough to get you interested, right?), because I wanted to have it somewhere besides sitting on a flash drive in my room. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!Oh, and if you've gotten this far and STILL think that I was being serious and really trying to make this novel awesome, you STILL don't get it. :) It was just my free-time plaything.

Concealed: Chapter 2

As I said in the last chapter, there is no particular reasons these guys don't like each other, etc. I wasn't practicing weaving a story - I was practicing the actual writing (which I've improved on since this was written 3 years ago).Thanks for reading!

Concealed: Chapter 1

The first chapter of Concealed, my let's-have-fun manuscript. As I said in the Summary, this is not meant to be deep, complex, etc. Yes, she does have personal problems. Yes, they declare war on the enemy/have a longstanding hatred for no apparent reason.  Yes, she does like him. I wasn't trying to be too sneaky with anything here.If this were a serious novel, I would have patched up those problems.

Concealed: Summary

Wow, it's been a couple years since I've seen this manuscript! "Concealed" was a fun little writing project for me about 3 years ago - this is the summary (similar to what you might see on a back book cover). It's the only manuscript I've written that is in first person.This story is not meant to be deep, serious, novel-worthy, etc. It was just for fun.

Beguile Belial

A young, 21st century woman finds herself in a parallel universe guided by a strange, almost schizophrenic man who calls himself Belial. Some of you may already know what Belial means, which may or may not spoil the story for you.Well, this story came to me during my brain-numbing midterm week (as did the story "Taciturnity"). I was thinking about the Snope's dialogue contest (which I didn't enter this year) and thought "'s probably pretty hard to write an entire story with only dialogue and no description or 'he said she said'. Let's try it!" Hence this story is written the way it is.This story is actually intended as a Dramatic Reading - therefore, trust me, it's MUCH better if you read it out loud. When reading it in your head, it moves too fast and it can get either confusing or boring. It just helps to hesitate in the places I've tried to insert hesitation, etc. It's one of those things my speech class would recite.*SPOILERS* - ONLY READ ONCE YOU HAVE FINISHED THE STORY! Drag your cursor past the end of this line to view the spoilers. If you haven't figured it out, the man (Belial) is Satan. I am a Christian, therefore this entire story reflects my beliefs of Satan's future punishment, etc.The goal of this story was to show the final trumph of Good over Evil. I put this here so that you will know that I'm not a Satanist. Obviously not, because Satan dies in the end...Also, the reason Satan is "schizophrenic" in this story is because in the Bible, he was originally an Angel of Light and was very beautiful and might possibly have been the leader of the worshippers in heaven prior to his rebellion when he and those who followed him were cast out of heaven.Therefore, he is trying to be beautiful and appealing, but can not be so for too long because of his evil nature.


In a battle for love, can either side really win? Through an unbelievable, almost theatrical sequence, a young girl and her grandfather witness a battle for love literally spanning the galaxies.Note on the Title - I intended the title "Taciturnity" to be a pun on the words "taciturn" (silent) and eternity.I had the (eccentric) idea for this story during my brain-numbing week of midterms, surprisingly. It's written entirely in dialogue, not only because that's just how the story is told best but also because I've been wanting to practice writing dialogue-only stories, to challenge myself. And believe me, it is challenging. Try it. And when you do, please do explain to me how to say a sigh or a laugh without writing ha-ha-ha or *sigh*, both of which are completely bad in a serious dialogue. ;)Anyway, this could be considered a fable, I guess. It somewhat states the moral of the story at the end. However, one of the intended morals of the story is The end does not justify the means.A note on dialect - I know the dialect at the beginning is very rough. The granddaughter of the family was the only one for generations able to go to school of any kind, hence Kent and Gramps don't have very good speech. I wanted it to add a feeling of the reader being included in a small niche of society, priveledged to hear such a "secret" tale.


This is my entry in the Elfwood Valentine's Day contest. First, about the story. If you couldn't gather, a mermaid and a dragon have fallen in love with each other, but obviously this relationship is impossible (not only because of their different breeds but because the mermaid is fatally poisoned by her contaminated water). Red tide, a large scale infection of the water by a special breed of plankton, has caused her sickness (heh, science class...). So, as she is dying, her dragon love lifts her to his back and takes flight, carrying her alongside the seagulls that she has watched from beneath the water every day. With him (riding on his back) where she finds the most comfort, she dies. And yes, "yester" is a word (the Middle English form of "yesterday").On the form - holy cow, sonnets are sooo hard to write! Ahem, all this info I'm about to give is for the poetry geeks who want to make sure that I really did write this in sonnet form correctly. This is a Shakespearean (English) sonnet. I didn't want to write a common AABBCCDD rhyme scheme poem, so I managed to get a sonnet out. Now, after doing much research to make sure that I knew the form of a sonnet, this sonnet has been written in the traditional English sonnet rhyme scheme, ABABCDCDEFEFGG, the last two (GG) being a heroic couplet. While most sonnets are written in iambic pentameter, they are not required to be (citing Dr. Axelridge). Therefore, my sonnet is written in iambic tetrameter, with an occasional trochee in there, bringing the syllable count of every line to ten. Heh, sorry to get all technical. :D Your future English major (I hope...) :)If you can't pick out the rhyme scheme, here it is - waited-fated, tore-core, frail-trail, smut-but, slowed-road, her-were, ride-died.Hope you enjoy!

Alexander's Bane

This is historical fiction/fantasy, before you ask. I once heard a myth that Alexander the Great was attacked by a mythical creature (I won't tell you which one, it's in the story and I don't want to spoil it), and this is what came out of that idea. I took pains to get the dates, locations, and names in the story exactly correct as they are from history. So, Parmenion really was Alexander's general, and they really were on a stretch of land called the Tang'e Meyran. I didn't make it up. Even the main character's name is also factual.Anyway, I liked this story when I wrote it, but then I wrote "Milna Kuppras, My Brothers" so this story seems pale to me in comparison to that one. Still, I had fun writing this.If you're curious, I did come up with Alexander's horse's name, Geraki, which means 'falcon' in Greek. Although they were from Macedonia...but it's close to Greece, I'll shut up.By the way, I didn't edit this because I wanted critique on a first writing, not an edited one.Total time to finish this writing - like 2.5 or 3 hours.

Milna Kuppras, My Brothers

Plainly put, it is a short story about some wolves. Yup. A wolf is telling a story from her not-too-distant past, explaining how she got to where she is. I won't spoil the ending, but I ended up feeling a lot of emotions within myself while writing it. I cried and laughed, for sure! I originally intended for this to be very short, but then I loved it so much that I had to ignore my own writing limits and write it until its end.This story was a great practice for me in avoiding dialogue (which I usually depend on), and also expressing emotion. I wanted this story to be a vehicle for conveying emotion, which I haven't practiced very much. I personally love this story, which is unusual since it is my own writing and I am usually critical of my own writing. But anyway, this has gone through virtually no editing because I love it the way it is. It was written by hand first (during many study halls) and then typed. Let me know if you think this story is too long and should be split into two parts. A note on language - you might find the language in this story a little choppy sometimes. That's because this wolf does know how to speak, but is unfamiliar with some words. If she doesn't know a word, she puts two that she does know together to describe what she doesn't know. I personally love the way she talks - intelligent to herself yet very animalistic to us.Note on Characters - the male wolf's name is R'keia. It is pronounced ri-KAY-uh.The moral of the story - fight for what you believe in.Total time to write this - eh, probably about 4 hours. EDIT 12/21/09 - FIRST MOD'S CHOICE IN THE WRITING SECTION! YAAAAY! THANK  YOU MODS! :)

Running Red Part 3

The third part of the short story, Running Red. Once again, I hope you like it!

Running Red Part 1

The night-murderer strikes again. With the death of yet another elvish noble, tensions rise among the few who have survived this long. But are the ruthless assassinations committed at random, or is something more…logical…at work? Desperate, the nation seeks help in the form of the peculiar elvish sleuth Ryaer, an all-business kind of half dark elf. With such a hard case to crack, even the nobles have little faith in him. But the killer is close, right under his nose. And Ryaer knows it. Comments and criticism greatly appreciated! I don't have any problem with you leaving negative comments. If you do though, please at least tell me why you said what you said. I'm always looking to improve!

'Conquest' Synopsis

I felt like posting something different. This is what would appear on the back cover of the book I wrote like five years ago. Tell me what you think! Would you read the book? Comments and criticism greatly appreciated, as always. It was the first full manuscript I ever wrote, but it was nothing more than an experiment. My current writing is much more serious than this ever was. :)

Running Red: Epilogue

The epilogue of Running Red! Hopefully this clears some things up about the story if you haven't figured them out! And thanks for reading, by the way!

The Drakes of Wind and Water

A short poem about the wild and free-spirited dragons who harnessed the power of water and wind. It took me 45 minutes to do! Hope you enjoy it! Comments and criticism appreciated, as always!

Running Red Part 2

The second part of Running Red. I hope you enjoy it.

The Blessing of Night

In the midnight blackness of Lyana's world, there shines one glimmer of hope to which she clings. But perhaps, that hope is misplaced... Short story. 3 hours to complete. Hope you like it! The goal was to create a complete short story in under 55 sentences, which I did (52 sentences). Comments and criticism greatly appreciated! Edit 11/23/08 - Yay! I finally fixed all those annoying line feeds that didn't need to be there! So now the story looks presentable, format-wise.