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Why, oh why can't my scanner be nice to my pictures! He looks all...colored pencil-y. Oh well...this is an Apceros, an annoying creature from the PlayStation 2 game Monster Hunter. They are the desert sub-species of the Aptonoth, sporting a thick, turtle-like shell to protect them from the heat. They, like the aptonoth, are herbivores, though these guys are a bit more vicious. Apceros attack hunters on sight, which gets very annoying, let me tell you! They prefer to headbutt anything near them, but they will also slash with their wickedly spiked tail. Most often, these creatures hang around whenever I'm fighting a big bad dragon (Diablos, Monoblos, Gravios, you name it), slowly tromping after me until they get close enough to knock my butt over with their headbutts. And with the dragons Diablos or Monoblos, being knocked over allows the dragons to spring from the sand and shoot me about 20 feet into the air with their horns (it hurts...). So, my best bet has always been either to let the dragons kill these guys for me (with their charging or fireballs) or to hurry and kill them myself before the dragon notices me. If you want to look at the bright side, apceros are good for meat which can be cooked and eaten, as well as slightly rarer 'medium monster bones'. Honestly, I would rather steal eggs from a dragon than from these guys (believe me, I've tried!)Anyway, total time to complete this picture - eh, 'bout an hour.Disclaimer as usual, I didn't copy. Good luck even finding a picture of an Apceros that isn't rearing up - they love to do that. A lot.

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