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Also from the PS2 version of Monster Hunter,I know, this guy looks almost identical to the Velociprey he sits next to in my gallery. But, this guy is called a Velocidrome, and he's actually the alpha leader of the velociprey pack. You can tell him apart by his bigger orange crest, as well as his orange claws which are incredibly valuable in crafting the "Serpentblade" line of swords (which I happen to use :) ). Anyway, as a general rule in the game, the "dromes" are the leaders of the "prey" packs. Hence, veloci-prey and veloci-drome. It's the same for many other types of creatures in the game, therefore when I draw them from now on, the "prey" and "drome" will be in the same picture, as they are usually very similar. Anyway, velocidromes are much more difficult to kill, as they have (easily) more than quadruple the health of an average velociprey. Their attacks are the same as their lesser "prey" brothers, however the dromes are much more likely to hit you with a leaping tackle. They have spot-on accuracy. For a beginner hunter, these velocidromes are living terror. However, as you progress in the game and become more experienced, taking on 3 or even 4 at one time is no big deal. And, with this guy done, it's finally time to draw the dragons! YESSS!Total time to complete this picture - 40 minutes. I know this because I listened to Nico Nico Douga 4 times :) Great song, 10 minutes long!

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