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For once, it's actuallly not a bad thing that my scanner screwed up the picture. :) These creatures have dappled, uneven toned skin anyway. This is a Cephadrome, from the PlayStation 2 game Monster Hunter. Being a 'drome', he is the leader of the smaller Cephalos. Now that we've moved into the dragon part of the game, be prepared for huge descriptions every time. :) You don't have to read them if you're not interested.This Cephadrome sports a brown hide and is larger than a normal cephalos - that is the only way to tell them apart (as regular cephalos have sand-colored hides). Known as "Land Sharks", cephadrome/los burrow under the sand, swimming through the desert which is their habitat, propelling themselves with their powerful tails. Like sharks, only their tall, razor-sharp back fin is visible while they are 'swimming'. Their legs are a bit on the scrawny side because they don't walk often, and their eyes very tiny as they don't need them when sand burrowing; streamlined for quick movement, their heads are curved and their wings are incapable of any flight (though they can glide a short distance). They are social creatures that travel in groups, only emerging from the sand when being hunted (by me :) ) But getting them out of the sand can be quite a problem. They slice quickly through, often knocking the hunter down and wounding him with their fin. Sometimes, they will leap partially out of the sand and spit a powerful sand jet before diving back under. However, their two most deadly attacks while in the sand are their leap and their glide. During the glide, they spring from the sand and glide above the hunter, smacking with their stomach or tail as they pass - this will paralyze the hunter if he is hit! On the other hand, during their leap attack, they wiggle on their bellies across the sand - harmless enough, it seems. However, a hunter is often lured in to attack, and the wriggling tail sends them flying. If a hunter cannot get the cephalos to leap from the sand by itself, he can throw a sonic bomb, which explodes in a ear-peircing shriek and draws the dragon to the surface. While on the surface, a cephalos will spit sand, bite, tail whip, or, his most powerful attack, hip check. During a hip check, he simply rams his bony hip into the hunter, sending him flying. Most often, a hunter will get very frustrated when the cephalos jumps back into the sand before he's been killed!The Cephadrome has the same attacks as the weaker cephalos, only his attacks are obviously much stronger. He is a difficult fight for a beginning hunter, as they not only have to worry about him, but also the hot desert which takes away health if the hunter does not keep cool (of course I don't have to worry, cuz I'm awesomely cool anyway ;) ). When the drome is weakened, he will burrow and retreat to a different area to rest (most often this area also contains apceros, which complicate the fight further with their headbutts). Another sign of him being very near death is that his stiff back spine will go limp.As far as carves, cephalos/dromes are valuable for their spines and jawbones, which are used to craft formidable great swords. Being dragons from the order "Piscine", their internal organs are a valuable commodity for the rich - piscine liver is a delicacy (which means mr. hunter can get some good moola). :)Total time to complete this picture - 1 hour 10 minutes

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