Lindsay R. Montgomery

My name is Lindsay and I am 15. You may notice that I only draw horse related thingies simply because I can't draw much else and that is pretty much all I have been drawing all my life. You should know that I only draw off and on because I only have spurts of when I feel inspired to draw every 4 months or so and during that time Ill probly only end up drawing about 5 reasonably good pictures. Thats why they are not as good as you might expect from a person who has been drawing them for about 12 years. I have been around horses all my life since I was 5 and have loved them even longer. I have just reasontly gotten a horse of my own, an AQHA mare named Maggie. She is the best horse I could hope for because she's not to slow and not to fast like some crazy thoroughbreds I've riden. OK I'll let you go your probly getting board to tears reading this which I doubt you are because your probly not reading this anyway. Well in case you are reading this please give me ideas so I can become inspired again............pretty please with a cherry on top. I'm kinda lacking in imagination.