Paula salgado

I don't have much to say. I'm portuguese and love all kinds of arts. I love to draw and paint - even though I've been neglecting it for a while now, specially because of my master's. I also like to come up with stories, but can never seem to finish writing one over a couple thousand words. I've only uploaded a few old works so far, but I'll try to show you all more. I'm planning to upload some more old works and also what I hope I'll be drawing from now on. (actually I already have few I'd like to share with you like a chibi-santa-cat and a dragon's head, but I still have to scan them :)) I love mythology - from all around the world an not just a specific culture - and draw a lot of inspiration from it. But you won't find much sci-fi from me, since I prefer nature, fantasy and supernatural - myths, legends, fairy tales - either with a nice feeling to it or horror. I recently got hooked on the wuxia world, so maybe I'll be making something around it? ***Please, do not use any of my works posted here or in any other website without my permission!***