Paula salgado

I don't have much to say. I'm a eighteen years old portuguese girl attending college. I'm now in my first year of Translation and so I don't have much time to draw I'll try to upload some works though. I know that my drawings are still not very good but i'm here to learn and make them better. Now i dont have many pics in my gallery because im searching for  some good ones. i'm no longer taking some art classes because the place where I had them closed :(. I haven't done much since then but now I'll start to draw again and post it here!      (actually I already have a shinigami and a few others like a chibi-santa-cat but I still have to scan them :))i think that's all i have to say. I like drawing, painting, writing, playing the guitar, badminton. tv, music, computer games. anime and manga. Fantasy and Supernatural Favourite movies series - Supernatural, Dark Angel, Ghost Wisperer, Moonlight, Futurama... movies - so many how can i choose? Favourite books C.S.Lewis's, Anne McCaffrey's, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson... Favourite music Evanescence, Within Temptation, celtic music and almost all the types of music