Hey, I'm Courtney, as the title ^ suggests.  Here's some art.  I'll try to keep this updated, but for a more regular flow of art, visit my DeviantART account at another note, you may have noticed that I have some bloody old art in my gallery.  I only kept 'em here cause they hold a special place in my heart. *big sappy eyes*  Basically, if it sucks and is drawn in graphite, then it's old.  So just ignore that and get to the good stuff.  :DBut quickly, a little about me.  I am, currently almost 18 years of age (if you're reading this in the month of July in the year of 2008, if not then I'm older).  I love art, birds, chickens, outdoorsy things, ciyaking (now that I've butchered the spelling of that word...), FFA, friends, and fun.  You can frequently find me at California  poultry shows (fancy chickens!) throughout the winter months.  So if you ever find yourself meandering inside a poultry show (a small example would be the CA State Fair), chances are that you'll find me there.  You'll also find me lurking in dungeons, slaying dragons and trolls; CAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO... no not really.  Toodles! I like FFA, chickens, art, sculpture, jeeps Favourite movies Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hellboy2 Favourite books Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz Favourite music rock