****************************Hello traveller! Do take a rest in my loving light before wandering through this corner of Elfwood... During your journey I will shine my light on your path; so you won't be alone; so you won't have to be afraid... Are you wondering what sort of creatures you will find here? Just open your ears and you can allready hear them: the music and giggles of faeries, the moaning of ghosts, the rippling water and the cries of a little girl. Close your eyes and smell the wine that's being served, the fresh blood that is dripping and the scent of decay that the wind blows your way. Are you more interested in less horror and more beauty? Take a look at my drawings, these beauties will help you forget about all the demons you read about!As you can tell, this travel demands a good rest. So enjoy and be prepared for the wonders that will come your way! ... ***************************************************************************** I hope you will enjoy my art and do let me know what you think. All comments are very welcome. I am an eager learner and so very very curious!!! With love Moon *******************************************************************************!!! On Elfwood I met a very talented artist who inspires me and creates beautiful art. Ivan, thank you for your words of inspiration. I can only try to describe how deeply you motivate me in writing; a real source of magic! If I made you curious about this artist, do go and see Ivan Diaz's magical place in Elfwood!!!