Wild Storm

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Xander Mayes

Valkyrie Kara always felt a mixed sense of peace and anticipation whenever she wandered through a deep, primeval forest of Midgard.Peace because there were no signs of human habitation. Humans annoyed her. They were always changing their environment to suit their own needs, rather than learning to work within their environment to meet, and in some cases, surpass those needs.The anticipation came from the fact that there were what those humans called “monsters” living this far in the forests.  Most of them were violent, and that was what Kara looked forward to.It wasn’t about the kill. Oh, no. Never about the kill. It was about the hunt and the fight.  About being hunted by a monster, turning that hunt around, from being the hunted before becoming the hunter.  After that came the fight, the struggle between life and death. Now there was a thrill.In her journeys Kara had fought a great many of these beasts, and had found they came in as many varieties as the other animals less adventurous souls were familiar with. Carnivorous horses, ape-like lizards with poison claws, dragons in all shapes and sizes, bizarre hybrids of beast and human, and the occasional elemental creature. All very strange and very dangerous, but the one kind she had not yet fought was an ogre. She had heard of Beowulf’s contest against Grendel, and had found herself envious. She wanted that fight.She stopped, listening closely as she heard a deep, regular thumping sound. Footsteps, but there was something odd about it, irregular. It was as if the creature wasn’t just using it’s feet for transportation, but perhaps using it’s hands in some fashion. Excitedly, she rushed toward the sound, hoping she would find her long awaited foe and not another dragon. Entering a clearing, she found the twenty-foot tall ogre.Grinning widely, she tightened her armored gloves.  A beast like this was going to take a lot of effort to beat, and she was greatly looking forward to this contest.______________________________You'd think I'd get tired of saying it, but no....This particular story does not come from the Eddic poems and myths. I reference the poem of Beowulf, but that's pretty much it. There had to be at least one Valkyrie berserker, and one whose name translates as "Wild Storm" seems like the one.Like almost everything I do, "Wild Storm" is available for your living room. Just contact me for details.

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