Niklas Möller

Sit down and listen, lads... for I am about to tell you the tale of the trubadour known to man as 'moonraven'... The fameous yet unknown wanderer of lands as well as seas. He has ventured through dark woods, over misty mountains, across festering swamps as well as burning deserts to sit here in the dim light of the campfire this very night. So gather around me ,brave souls and take heed to the lore and wisdom in my words for I have come a long way to pass it on to you. In order to contain the feelings and experiences of adventures in times since long past I have put them on paper. Not only is it for my sake but also for the sake of you people to see the things Ive seen and and feel the feelings Ive felt. Every picture has a story to tell but the story doesn´t necesarily have to be mine. That is the divine beauty of art... It speaks to you in a unique way. As the author of these pictures I feel privileged to have my pictures speak personally to the ones who see them. But the story of what it means to me and what emotions it was made of is a story that I love to share and hope that people keep in mind. anyways, as you might have guessed I am Niklas Möller a.k.a Moonraven. Storyteller and endless lover of beauty and art. Enjoy... If everyone left a comment as a tribute to my hard work then it would shurely make my day. It is okay for those who feel embarassed by their english or whatever reason to write in swedish. And for those who feel the urge to give critics, please do so in a constructive way. I really am interested in whatever you good people of the world have to say.