Anita Barnett

Art is my passion and combining my love of nature and all things fantasy I hope to express my work to like-minded people and inspire others to follow their dreams.I hope you enjoy my gallery and welcome feedback :)If you get a chance please check out my 'other works' especially need critics on these as I need to know if people would actually buy them!!!!!! So feel free to offer constructive critisim! If anyone is interested I will do commissions.  I like Drawing fantasy art and botanical art,reading,conservation of the environment,animals. Favourite movies Number one love Lord of the Rings, Dark crystal,Pans Labyrinth and 1986 Labyrinth,Avatar,Underworld,Resident Evil,Dune miniseries,Willow,Indiana Jones,Fifth Element,Terminator,also a big fan of horror and end of the world type movies. Favourite books Raymond E.Fiest. Wilbur Smith. JRR Tolkien. Jules Watson. Russel Kirkpatrick. Stephenie Meyer. Stephen King. Janny Wurts.