Brunor Frostbeard - Full Moon healer

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Joseph Moore

In the deep snows of the North, Brunor Frostbeard relaxes in his vigil. He is a Lunar Exalt of the Full Moon Caste. Luna has Chosen him to be Her warrior and champion. But Brunor is also a healer, for the great ice bear is his totem animal, the creature whose blood he shares and whose shape he can assume as naturally as breathing. As the full moon rises over the North, Brunor's Caste Mark becomes visible, while his silvered tattoos, necessary to preserve his form against the ravages of the Wyld, glow with eerie radience. His moonsilver daiklave, Frostlight, is nearby. Beyond this treasure and his creature comforts, he has little need for the trappings of society. His people, the Ice Bear tribe, hunt the savage beast for its fur, its meat, its claws, and its teeth. It is a sacred animal to them, for Brunor has taught them that it is so. For two thousand years, he has guarded his tribe, breeding with them and with the ice bears they worship. The Wyld influence has mingled the features of man and beast in his descendants, so that now burly beastmen live in harmony with full humans. This, too, is pleasing to Luna's warrior. But Brunor is also troubled. Word has traveled throughout the Silver Pact, the great society of Lunar Exalted. The Solars are returning again. They herald great change for Creation. Perhaps they will call the Lunars back to duty again. Brunor has become comfortable in his life. He does not wish to repeat the heartache of the betrayal that forced Luna's Chosen to flee to the Wyld. Whatever changes the Solars' return might portend, they can only be dark and dire. Graphite on paper, with digital enhancement in Adobe Photoshop.

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Category Fantasy

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