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The great Church of Archangelic Glory is the single most prominent religious organization in all of Gaia. When the gods turned their backs upon the mortal realm for the last time, all that remained to bring the True People hope were the angels--messengers of light and faith. The greatest of the angels took it upon themselves to fill the place of the haughty and arrogant gods, giving mortal men a place to put their faith in times of crisis. Each of the Archangels rules a single Choir of angels, whose numbers appear to be infinite. These angels are normally invisible and intangible. They are drawn to mortal hosts who exemplify the tenets of their Choir. In a moment of epiphany (known as Exegesis), that angel manifests in all its glory to its Chosen, actually binding its essence into its host's mortal frame. That is all the qualification required to become clergy in the Church. Those who choose to minister to the True People become clerics. Those who take up arms in the name of their angel become paladins. The Church does not enforce a dress code upon its clergy. However, each Choir is represented by a symbol, or icon, which is usually graven upon a disc of metal and worn as a medallion. The icon becomes a focus point for the cleric or paladin in question, permitting them to reach harmony with their angel when performing holy miracles. By meditating upon their angel's icon, they may channel positive energy into the mortal world, casting spells of divine nature and turning back the unliving minions of the Outer Darkness. These miracles are always accompanied by the angelic gloria, a display of sacred might that makes any cleric or paladin impossible to mistake. However, without their angel's icon, a cleric becomes all but powerless, unable to contact the divine power she carries within. This, then is a register of all the recognized icons of the Church. They are divided into the Greater House (The Virtues), the Minor House (The Powers), and the Lesser House (The Patrons). Most clerics and paladins are Chosen by angels of the Greater House, but faithful of all the Choirs are represented, to one degree or another, all throughout Gaia. Chapels, houses of worship, can be found in most cities and townships. Any given Chapel contains one or more Curiae, sacred shrines dedicated to one or more Choirs. The larger the Chapel, the more Curiae it may support. While the House of Light in Ienos, the very headquarters of the Church, has Curiae for each Choirs, small country Chapels may support only a single Curia. A Chapel's artistic motif will usually feature the icon of the Choir its Curia supports. This is something of a departure for me. The entire work here was done digitally, freedrawn in Adobe Photoshop (with a little help from MS Paint for the geometric shapes). Mostly, it was an exercise to see just how good I'm getting with digital media. I'm pleased with the way these all came out. ^_^

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