Lord Tamar Denarius - Night Caste Merchant Lord

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Joseph Moore

Most consider the subtle and sneaky Night Caste to be peopled only by sleek, lithe thieves and assassins. Not so. Lord Tamar, a long-time inhabitant of the great city of Chiaroscuro, is also Chosen of the Unconquered Sun at Night. He is a shrewd and tricky merchant lord. Ever since he was Exalted, he has turned his considerable resources to locating and sheltering newly Exalted Solars from the wrath of the Immaculate Order and the Dragon-Blooded Wyld Hunt. Perhaps he cannot slink and skulk. But he can hide in plain sight, for he is a respected member of Chiaroscuro's high society. Few suspect him of wrongdoing. And surely, he could not be one of the dreaded Anathema. Recently, Lord Tamar was captured by the Deathlord Beloved Cadaver Draped In Scarves of Ashen Silk, taken to her sepulchral palace deep in the Underworld, and forced into a Monstrance of Celestial Portion--that dread device that can corrupt a Solar Essence and turn its bearer into one of the unholy Abyssal Exalted. There, he was tortured by visions of his beloved Tsuki, a Twilight Caste sorcerer, made to believe that he was being murdered. He had only to give up his name and become an Abyssal servant of the Beloved Cadaver, and Tsuki would be spared. Finally, just as the rest of his Circle broke through to save him, Tamar's will broke and he surrendered his name to Oblivion. Despite his change to an Abyssal Exalt, Tamar (or the Lord of Weeping Gems as he is now known) refuses to serve Oblivion, instead seeking redemption in the eyes of the Unconquered Sun. This image is the last portrait done of him by his blind lover, Tsuki, before his Abyssal Exaltation. Though born blind, Tsuki is still able to see his lover Tamar, who was once his husband in their previous incarnation, and traced this portrait out in ukiyo-e style. This portrait is mechanical pencil on paper, scanned and enhanced in Photoshop. It's an earlier work--one of my first Exalted characters I ever did. Still, I think I did a good job of capturing Lord Tamar's warm, yet mischevious expression, and the subtle glint of his Caste Mark as he hides it with his Caste's innate ability for stealth and subtlety.

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